Sunday, April 27, 2008

Quilt 34 - Black and Grey Wall Hanging

1998, 45 x 55
After making the previous 2 quilts, I had many odds and ends leftover: a few Mary's Triangle blocks, some of the rectangle blocks used in Deb's quilt, and some scraps. Since I gave away both of those quilts, I wanted to make myself a black and white quilt.

I began with the rectangles and the few Mary's Triangle blocks. Those were pieced together to form the center. I had never done a pieced border before and Mom had just taken a class on them, so I thought I would try it on this. I pieced those and adjusted the inner black border to fit.

Mom quilted this for me. We keep saying that we may need to put it back on the machine and add a little more quilting on that black border. I love minimal quilting, but we may have taken it a little far on this one!

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