Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Quilt 17 - Pink Plaids and Stripes

2004 - 54" x 54" (That's for you, G! We'll try to get better about sizes and dates!) I purchased the pink fabrics in this quilt on our way to Chelan, WA to visit my brother for Christmas. (We can't quite remember if it was purchased at the quilt shop in Chelan, or one in Leavenworth.) It was supposed to be a non-quilting trip so we didn't bring any supplies with us, but we weren't there for more than a day when we decided we HAD to do something with those pinks! Thankfully Mom had a friend who lived near my brother, so we could borrow the essentials.

I loved the stripes and plaids and wanted to use larger pieces of them, but knowing Mom would be quilting it I wanted to keep them small enough that they wouldn't require individual designs in each square. I started with 6" blocks of the pinks, and chose green for the sashing. I had picked up the darker plaid for the border so decided to use that as the corner stones, too. The stars were an impromtu design element to add some movement to the quilt.

Since I was designing on the fly, it was no surprise that I ran out of material when it came to the borders. The first solution was to put a square of lighter pink at the corner, only I didn't have enough of that fabric either. I ended up using pink squares in two of the corners and pieced stars for the other two.

This was going to be cuddle quilt, so I put flannel on the back. Perfect for wrapping up on the couch!


Anonymous said...

A very cute quilt. The alternately-placed star in the setting blocks is a great addition. Lucky you to be able to design and create a quilt out of your own head. Wonderful. And I do like seeing the added details about the quilt's dimensions and date of birth! ncq

Canadian Gail said...

What a great idea for using up charm packs. The stars make all the difference.