Saturday, April 5, 2008

Quilt 12 - Tulips and Nine Patch Scrap Quilt

Let's go back....way back! This was the first bed sized quilt I made. Prior to this I had made only lap quilts and baby quilts, all of which I made for other people. I wasn't going to "be a quilter" but I saw this pattern in Sally Schneider's Scrap Mania and was of course drawn to the tulip pattern. Why I chose applique for my first full size quilt is beyond me.

My first task was to choose scrap fabrics for the tulips and nine patches. After going through boxes and boxes of Mom's scraps, and spending hours and hours pairing up coordinating fabrics, I think I had enough for three of my blocks. Mom tried again to explain the concept of a "scrap" quilt and I went through the boxes again, this time relaxing my color rules a bit.

Since the tulips were hand appliqued and it was my first quilt for myself, Mom refused to machine quilt it for me and said I had to hand quilt it instead. I don't remember how many hours it took, but I remember thinking I would never finish. What a feeling when you realize you did it!

This tulip quilt sparked a quilting frenzy. The girl who was not going to be a quilter ended up piecing four quilt tops over the next few weeks. Those quilts and the stories of how one led to another will be featured over the next few posts.


Anonymous said...

I remember you making this, and I remember the book. Can you come up with a year, or an estimate? I am eager to see the next few posts, because I also remember that era and think I can remember some the quilts you're going to show us. Very nice. ncquilts

Cindy said...

How can I get this pattern ?? I Love it !! I REALLY REALLY want to make this quilt.

Karen W. said...

It was from Sally Schneider's book Scrap Mania. I made several quilts from that book.