Saturday, April 5, 2008

Quilt 13 - Blue/Green Double Irish Chain

As I was working on my Tulip Applique Quilt (Quilt 12, I think it was around 1993), a piece of the backing and a piece of my border fabric ended up on a stack together. They looked so good together I just had to make a quilt with them. I decided to do a double irish chain because I didn't have much of the blue and green fabric so I wanted to do something that would really make it pop.

I tried laying it out several ways, and decided I liked the chain blocks on point. It gives it a different look and finishes off the edges. You can see how little blue and green fabric I had in the bottom picture. I had to fill in the small border at the corners with different fabric!


Canadian Gail said...

I'm really enjoying your stories. I enjoy reading the history of a quilt's beginning and particularly like to hear how people select their fabrics. Sometimes it can be as unplanned as your Double Irish Chain. -Canadian Gail

Anonymous said...

I love it. Great quilt and great story. ncq