Monday, April 7, 2008

Quilt 15 - Mary's Triangle

I LOVE this block! I found this in Sally Schneider's Scrap Mania when I was working on my Tulip Applique Quilt. The block is called Mary's Triangle. (If you use a square instead of the small triangle, it is called Mary's Square.) You can arrange it in many different ways but this elongated "s" shape really caught my eye.

As you can tell by the previous quilts I tended to gravitate to blue and green fabrics. This pattern was perfect to alternate between the two. I mixed in some pastels between the rows and used some darker colors for the small triangles. It is a little hard to see in the picture but I used a small bright blue border before the dark green outer border.

I've used this block in many quilts. It is especially cute as a border or to mix with larger blocks. And depending on how you arrange them, you can get some great secondary patterns from the smaller triangles.

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Anonymous said...

I was waiting for this one. I like Mary's triangles, too, and especially the story about how she figured out the technique. And, they're fun to make. And, this quilt is simply stunning and wonderful and I've always liked it. How big is it? Do you know approximately when you made it? Thanks again for sharing these pictures and stories. ncq