Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Quilt 23 - Lone Star companion Tulip Wall Hanging

1993, 24 x 24
When I received my Lone Star Quilt (Quilt 5) I wanted to make something to go with it. Aunt Glad was kind enough to send me some scraps from my quilt and I made this tulip wall hanging. I hand quilted this one. The light border fabric is a tone on tone with small flowers.

I couldn't get to the blog yesterday, so be sure to check out Quilt 22 also. And Canadian Gail - I've added the pattern information for Quilt 21 - Woven Star. You can find it in the text of that post.


Canadian Gail said...

You need to get yourself on a quilting blog ring as these quilts need to be seen by the masses of quilters out there. Check out 2 of the rings I follow: "More Quilting for Fun" and "Citizen of Quiltland." P.S. Thanks for the pattern info.

Karen W. said...

Thanks! I'll check them out!