Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Quilt 67 - Edith's Whole Cloth Quilt

2004, 70" X 90" I thought I was purchasing cotton sateen but when I got the bolt of this blue fabric home, I found out it was a poly/cotton blend. It would not take my marking pen for designing my own whole cloth quilt so decided to use the pantograph, BAROQUE HEARTS by Keryn Emmerson from Golden Threads (http://www.goldenthreads.com/) to make comforters for Edith & Lyle for their 60th birthdays. It's that time of year again and HAPPY BIRTHDAY, EDITH!
-posted by Ione


Love Joy Piece said...

Happy Birthday and Happy 40th Wedding Anniversary, Edith! Ione really came through for you!

Anonymous said...

We love the quilts very much, but will not be using them in July. Thank you Whitneys! We appreciate the birthday and anniversary greetings. Lyle and Edith