Sunday, July 20, 2008

Quilt 73 - Midnight Star in the Garden of Hope

Midnight Star was made for the Gig Harbor Quilt Festival in 2006. Approximately 30 x 30".
The Gig Harbor Quilt Festival raises money for local breast cancer charities, and has a silent auction as well as a challenge for small wall hangings each year. Mom and I made this quilt together as part of the color challenge for that year.
We started it at a quilt retreat in Staples, MN, and finished it shortly there after. Definitely outside our box as far as color and technique. (It was my idea to do these blocks, which take forever, and have now been relegated to the "been there done that, never doing those again" list!) We added the dark triangles as an after thought, and loved the dark star that appeared. We put a small pink ribbon on all of our quilts for the Quilt Festival, and this one was no exception.
We decided to buy this one back ourselves and gave it to my Aunt Connie Whitney as her survivor quilt.
More information on the Gig Harbor Quilt Festival can be found on their website:

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