Sunday, July 27, 2008

Quilt 74 - Scrabble Quilt

1998, 24" X 24"
This week we will be posting quilts to honor the birth date of Aunt Julia to Karen and sister to Ione. Julia's scores in Scrabble have always been numbers that would truly amaze others. In 1998 I was making a lot of color wash quilts and one day thought it would be fun to make a scrabble board. Scrabble players look at this quilt and know it is a scrabble board even without the words or letters on it.


chinajen said...

In our last game, Julia beat me at Scrabulous 345 to 295. She reminded me that it is all about rack management. I know it also takes a mind that can rearrange letters in creative ways and always find the bingo.

Sarah said...

Cool Idea