Saturday, July 12, 2008

Quilt 72 - Jan's Purple Leaves

Many of my quilt ideas start from simply seeing two fabrics in my stash (or more likely in Mom's stash!) that look good together. More than one quilt has been conceived because a pile of fabric has been tossed around and suddenly a wonderful color scheme appears. Such was the case with this quilt.

On my birthday trip to the ocean in 2007, the fabrics in this quilt ended up on the same pile when we were unloading our quilting bags. I loved the contrast of the golds and purple (Go, Huskies!) and the tone on tone purple could not have been a better match to the leaves on the batik.

I whipped up some leaf blocks and filled in with some coordinating batik. The block I used usually has a bias or applique stem on the leaf, but I decided to leave it off. I did the quilting myself on my small machine, and tried to accent the leaves with stems and veins in a variegated thread.

For good measure, I've included a picture of the back, which has a third coordinating batik with dragon flies.

I always have a show and tell at work after my ocean trips to show my boss all the projects we made. She absolutely loved this one, so I saved it and gave it to her for a birthday present later that year.

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