Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Quilt 68 - American Hero Quilt "From Scraps to 12"

2008, 51" x 68"
I designed this quilt pattern after hearing my quilting friends say they didn't know how they would ever use up all their scraps. I designed From Scraps to 12 as a mystery class for one of our Pacific Beach Quilting Getaways. It didn't take long to realize that this is also a great scrap organization plan. This pattern is good for charity workshops and has been used for American Hero Quilt Project, Project Linus Workshops, Harrison Hugs Workshop and several church groups and quilt guilds. This quilt has checkerboard sashing but works well with several sets of blocks just sewn together.

FREEDOM ISN'T FREE and this quilt will be donated to the American Hero Quilt Project( with the quilts going to injured service members in Washington State through Madigan Hospital who have returned from Iraq and Afghanistan. This 4th of July we fly our flag proudly and thank the veterans, active duty service members and all our Fallen American Heroes. Erwin Harder, 1948 - 1969 and Andrew J. Shields, 1988 - 2008, you are not forgotten.

-posted by Ione

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Anonymous said...

I have been waiting a long time for you to post an example of your unique and original pattern so I could comment with the poem I wrote to honor it:

If you want to make something that looks pretty good from your boxes of junk and old crap, then apply yourself to it with pattern in hand, and address it more kindly as scrap. It won't take very long, it's a breeze, like a song, and quite soon you'll declare "that's a wrap!"

I look forward to seeing your new quilt blog entries every day. Thanks, Julia

Anonymous said...

do you have a pattern or tutorial on your Hero quilt? I luv it!! I am working on Quilts With Love making string blocks for our troops in Afgan. & Iraq. I am new to quillting and I think I could make your block. I would be using it for QWL purposes only. Thanks Redtosew

Anonymous said...

Please contact me at my email
for information on the pattern
for "From Scraps to 12".

I'll check out Quilts with Love
sounds like another great project.