Sunday, June 22, 2008

Quilt 64 - Moon and Stars

2000, 20" x 30
In 1998, my cousin, Marlys, was commissioned to make a quilt for an artist. She brought the quilt to me for quilting and stood beside me as we figured out what the quilting should be. Little did I know, she was making me a small version of that quilt and gave it to me two years later for my 50th birthday.

-posted by Ione
p.s. I quilted the small quilt, too. Good thing I was able to practice on the large one so I knew what to quilt on mine!


Canadian Gail said...

what a beauty.

Anonymous said...

and to have it posted on your website on close to your birthday in 2008! Happy Birthday!


Cori Derksen & Myra Harder said...

It's beautiful! I have missed following your blog for a few days, and I was so happy today when I could catch up - and was surprised by this great quilt. You both are very lucky to have Marlys as a cousin.