Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Quilt 53 - Fishing Captain

1990's, 18" x 24"
When my husband Doug got his bass boat for his birthday in the late 1990's, Adele made him a quilt showing him with his fishing pole and a fish. Doug's fishing buddy, Mike, got his quilted counterpart a Captain's pin to wear on his shirt.
-posted by Ione


hjrslp said...

I'm looking for a quilt for my upcoming twin boys....this is darling!!! It would be perfect for their nursery. Where did you get the pattern for this?

Anonymous said...

Adele said the pattern for the fishing guy was out of a magazine back in the late 80's. She said of course she probably made some changes to it. Sorry, but after several moves, she wouldn't even know if she still had the pattern. I have looked closely at the quilt and the fisher guy is sewn as a crazy quilt. Pieces are cut to be the shapes she wanted for the hat, hands, feet, shirt and pants, the fishing pole is cut whole from a piece of fabric. I think that she might have started with the fishing pole and adjusted the fisher guy to fit the pole. This would be a great quilt design for little boys!!