Saturday, June 7, 2008

Quilt 56 - Gold Star Hero Quilt

2007, 72 x 52

We made this quilt for the Individual Augmentee Welcome Home Ceremony in Bremerton, WA in 2007. Below is the reading that was made before the quilt unveiling.
"Created and donated by longtime friends who have made new friends while spending time at Jackson Park Chapel Fellowship Hall sewing quilts for The American Hero Quilt Project. When asked if a quilt could be made for this ceremony we said yes, as a community we would make a quilt.
We are Navy retired wives, active duty Navy wives, active duty Marine and spouse, daughters of active duty and retired service members, veterans, former ombudsman, active duty widow, spouses of shipyard employees, mother of a Marine veteran, mother-in-law of active duty Navy sailor, grandmother-in-law of active duty Army soldier and our friends."

You can check out The American Hero Quilt Project at
This quilt hangs at Jackson Park Chapel, Bremerton, WA.

We post this quilt today because I spent the day in Battleground, WA with our dear friends Judie and Standley. FREEDOM ISN'T FREE. On May 31, 2008 her grandson, Andrew Jon Shields, his family and friends paid the ultimate price for freedom. While serving with the 173rd Special Troop Battalion (Airborne) in Jalalabad, Afghanistan, Andrew was killed in action. We post this quilt today in his memory.
- posted by Ione


Judie said...

My thanks, dear Ione, for honoring Andrew Jon Shields. Andrew was and is a special young man who's life impacted so many. He is truly an American Hero, who will leave many holes in our lives. Remember that smile that could break your heart.

Andrew lives on in our hearts having served his country. God Bless America.

Andrew's Grandma, Judie Scholes

Anonymous said...

just wondered if you had ever seen 4 point star block and how I should put it together. I acquired 5 full blocks with each having different materials in them and they were sewn onto newpaper and two points by themselves.

In looking at the newpaper it has dates of 1933 and 1934. I would like to keep the paper on them as being antique and wonder if it would hurt them to be in a picture frame or how to put them together to keep both front and back visible. not sure how to send a picture of it.

thanks for your help