Thursday, June 12, 2008

Quilt 59 - Blue Jewel Box

1993, 90" X 106"
In a 1991 Lady's Circle Patchwork Quilts Magazine there was a picture of a Jewel Box Quilt and it caught my eye. I had the magazine open to that page, kept seeing it and saying that someday I would make this quilt. In 1993 I finally made this quilt for a class sample that wasn't shown till well into the evening of a Mystery Quilt Night Class. Many of the 18 students became wonderful friends and it was a very special night.

After seeing the colored picture in the magazine I realized the pattern was in the American School of Needlework Templates for the 171 Four-Patch Quilt Blocks book.(c)1988 These pieces, turned different ways, make many other very traditional blocks.

As you will see, this is a favorite pattern of mine. I don't know how many of these quilts I have made but as we come up with pictures to post we just might get a count. So far we have posted Jewel Box Quilts at #1 and #20. I'm thinking we might have at least 20 when we find all the pictures. When I finish projects, I have a scrap box I use for pieces that fit this pattern. It's nice to grab the box when I want to make another jewel box quilt. Sometimes I just need to cut the background, as the scraps are already cut and in the box.
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