Monday, May 26, 2008

Quilt 49 - Brian and Andrea's Harmonic Convergence

2005, 100" x 100"
This quilt was started at a Quilt Makers Get-Away at Pacific Beach, WA, at the end of February 2005. My cousin, Marlys, from Minnesota, came to the retreat and this was one of her projects. She left the quilt top with me to quilt. Two weeks later I was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma, a cancer of the lymph system, but I said I would still quilt the quilt if she would be willing to leave it with me for a while. It was on the machine for several weeks, but it did get finished.
This quilt had started as a "What If" (a large adaptation from a small quilt pattern), but suddenly it had many memories in it. Marlys usually makes quilts and gives them away immediately but this one just lived at her house. After 3 years of "All Clears" from my doctors and my son's wedding coming up, Marlys knew where the quilt would go.
When Brian and Andrea joined the family at a reunion in Diamond Lake, they received this quilt as a wedding gift. Along with the quilt was a note from Marlys telling the story of this quilt and the memories that come with it.
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Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the modified Harmonic Convergence. It is now full of celebrations! We celebrate
1. YOU and your health,
2. the memories of buying the fabric,
3. meeting Ricky Timms,
4. having your Harmonic Convergence quilt published is in book,
5. the conversations that my idea wouldn't work,
6. going to Pacific Shores to quilt and walk the beach, and
7. Brian and Andrea are almost up to their 1st anniversary!