Thursday, January 29, 2009

Quilt 125 - The Mystery Quilt

Yes, that's me! And I'm hand quilting! (or maybe I'm just basting.) I had scanned this picture thinking this was the quilt my Grandma made for me with the flannel backing, but I'd had that quilt since I was just a baby so this must have been for one of my cousins. Maybe my aunts can help me identify this quilt? Judging by the quilt rack hanging on the dining room chair, I would guess we were at Grandma's?

Mom, this means we need to get down the baby box to photograph my quilt! I had to stop using it as a teenager because the back was getting too worn.

(Not quilt related, but I do believe I made that tie-died shirt myself at a day camp. A girl of many talents!)
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