Sunday, August 3, 2008

Quilt 77 - Glad's Bear Paw

Julia's gift to Gladys

1997 70" X 85"

We want to share the story of this special gift today. We hope it encourages you to put that extra something special into your next quilt. My sisters, Julia and Gladys, both lived in Eureka, CA, since the early1980's. Their children were the same ages so they shared many adventures together.

Here are a few comments from Gladys who received this wonderful quilt: Julia made this for me for my 50th birthday. She made the one-block wall quilt earlier to tide me over to that much-anticipated date of my birthday. And it has a gift bag for storage of the quilt. It has always been a treasure and now it is even more so.

As Gladys mentioned, she received the one block wall hanging before her birthday. As the picture shows, the back was just as wonderful as the front. Then it was time to receive her quilt at the birthday celebration at the family reunion at Diamond Lake, OR. The Bear Paw Quilt was enhanced with the wonderful Prairie Points around the edge.

There was a label on the back of each one and of course there was the wonderful envelope to safely store the quilt. This is the envelope our cousin, Marlys, mentioned in one of the comments a few days ago. Isn't that just a clever idea? Julia loved to hand quilt and it sure does show in her quilting on this quilt. It was always great fun to watch her come up with the idea for her quilting design. Each quilt would get her undivided attention to what design she would create and where it would go.

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