Friday, August 1, 2008

Julia Rose

July 31, 2008
My beautiful blond little sister, Julia Rose, was on this earth only 55 years and one day. We will never know how many lives her kindness and amazing courage touched, but she was one of a kind. She was a wonderful sister and as our cousin Lois said today, she leaves an incredible legacy in her two children. We shared many things: love of our family (yes), Scrabble (not so much), and quilting (definitely). When MS took her ability to continue hand quilting, I had the honor of quilting her quilt tops for several more years. She drafted cryptograms during the many hours she had to lay in bed, but when she would be at her voice controlled computer, they would be encrypted and sent for us to enjoy. They are on her website For those of you who knew her, you can read her obituary in the Sunday Eureka Times Standard online We will leave Julia's blue jewel box quilt up for the next few days. We will get back to quilting and living with a hole in our heart that has lots of memories. Your inspiration will be with us forever, Julia.
-love Onie

Jen just sent me the link to Julia's online memorial for those interested:
My heart is with my family today, who have all lost someone very special. My thoughts today will be on Scrabble games and homemade desserts, of which we had many with my Aunt Julia.
Love to all,


Anonymous said...

To the "whole" family:
Reading the "comments" from Jennifer, Connie, and others it brings tears to my eyes.

One of the special things I remember you talking about Julia's quilts was her going beyond and making a special "envelope" for her quilts to be stored. The "envelopes" were sometimes even more spectular then the quilts. Do you have any pictures of any of those quilts and/or envelopes?

Hugs to you all today!

Cousin Marlys

Ben said...

Hi Ione,

Very nice post. I have been so sad over the loss of aunt Julia. All of my west coast family has been in my thoughts and prayers.