Friday, March 28, 2008

Quilt 5 - Karen's Lone Star

Many, many years ago several of us were sitting around my Aunt Julia's table talking about a quilt show my aunts had visited. Aunt Gladys showed us a lovely collection of fat quarters from Pincushion Boutique (Davis, CA). I think it was called the Azalea Collection.

I turned to Mom and said "Those are the colors that I want in a Lone Star Quilt!" She told me in a very sweet, motherly way to "Dream on!" My aunts however had a different reaction. It set the wheels turning and after calling Pincushion to get more fabric, my aunts started working on my Lone Star Quilt. They mailed it to me without saying a word. Imagine my surprise when several months later the quilt I had mentioned while on vacation appeared on my door! It was beautifully hand quilted and all that I had hoped for.

There was extra fabric leftover from my quilt, so they made my Aunt Adele one, too. She lived far away at the time but it was nice to know we were connected by our "twin quilts". Jump forward about a decade, and our quilts get to live in the same house now that Adele has moved close to my parents.

Here are Adele and I with our reunited quilts.


NCQuilts said...

Thank you for documenting this lovely story.

cmt said...

I've gotten a lone star also, and had several quilts made for friends, it is a beautiful quilt and story.