Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Quilt 3 - Recalling Double 4 Patch

This was inspired by a quilt in "Passing on the Comfort" by An Keuning-Tichelaar and Lynn Kaplanian Buller. The first time I flipped through this book I was drawn to this quilt. While making it I realized that it brought back memories of our "Shoe Box" quilts we made as children.

There was a shoebox with cardboard templates in three sizes made out of cereal boxes along with fabric scraps. We would trace around the templates using the large template first and then each of the smaller ones. I don't know what sizes these were but I know that if you sewed 4 of the small patches together it would make a medium square and if you sewed 4 of the medium squares together it would make the large square. When the shoebox was full of large squares there would usually be enough squares to make a quilt top.

"Recalling Double 4 Patch" is this quilt's name and it was made with reproduction fabrics. - Posted by Ione


NCQuilts said...

Very nice blog. I look forward to 362 more days.

cmt said...

Great idea, good luck with posting these