Monday, September 22, 2008

Quilt 91 - Bell Pull

A Gift in 1990

Approx. 5" X 24"

This bell pull was a gift in December, 1990. The note from my Aunt Anna and Aunt Lena said "Our mother - your Grandmother - had started making a quilt top in the 1930's. She hand pieced these little diamonds together but never got it completed. We often took the project out and looked at it and wondered what to do! If we did make it into a quilt then only one could enjoy it - so we got an idea: Your Grandmother thought of and talked about all her grandchildren and spent much time praying for them. Now we wanted to send each one a little remembrance of her. We divided the quilt piece into 38 strips and the Bell Pulls are the end product. We've had lots of fun doing this and enjoyed thinking of you all while working on it. Love"
If you ever see a bell pull like this hanging in someones house please say hi to my cousin and have them post on this blog. What a special remembrance this is for all of us.
- Posted by Ione

P.S. Happy Birthday, Stacey and Jo!! Love Auntie I

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Anonymous said...

I love looking at my bell pull too, but I'm your sis.
that was a labor of love