Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Quilt 88 - Rita and Gary's Double Irish Chain

Several years ago Doug and Ione were heading to Oklahoma for a long weekend. The weekend before flying out on Thursday we found out that Rita was going to get married while we were there. I thought that there wasn't time to make a quilt but Karen said, "Of course we can get a quilt made!" Twenty-four working hours later the quilt was ready to give as a gift.

This was before September 2001 because I took the quilt in a rolling suitcase with my scissors and did a lot of the binding while waiting at airports and on the plane. When Rita and Gary started opening gifts she looked at me and said, " I know we don't get a quilt because we didn't let you know we were getting married." They were both very excited when they saw the large gift bag and realized that they did get a queen size Double Irish Chain Quilt for a wedding gift.
-posted by Ione

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Rosaline said...

The quilt is amazing. How you pulled this off will remain a mystery to me.