Sunday, May 30, 2010

#169 - American Hero Quilt

#169 - American Hero Quilt
It is Memorial Day Weekend 2010 and we are sharing this American Hero Quilt that was made at one of our Sew Days at Pacific Beach. We are part of the American Hero Quilt Project that is supplying quilts to Madigan Hospital for injured servicemembers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. We are also supplying quilts to the receiving hospital in Afghanistan where wounded warriors are first treated and prepared for transport to Germany. We are glad to be part of an ever growing group and so happy that more and more quilters are stepping up to help in this endeavor.

This Memorial Day we want to thank our Fallen Heros and their families for the sacrifice they paid for our freedom. We know that freedom isn't free.
Erwin Harder and Andrew Shields you are not forgotton.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Karen and Ione. We are at Lake Curlew today, and tomorrow we will have a memorial service for both Andrew and Standley. Flags, and spreading of the ashes.
Thanks so much for your continued support of our fallen soldiers

Love Joy Piece said...

Thank you for your generosity and creativity to assist some many individuals hurt from war that you will never meet.