Saturday, February 28, 2009

Quilt 131 - Betty's Hotel Quilts

When a country hotel was going to open near my Aunt Betty's house, the owners asked her to make quilts for some (maybe all?) of the rooms. She sent them to Mom to quilt, and they came out beautifully.

The quilts were based around nature scene panels, and were constructed with traditional piecing patterns in keeping with the country theme of the hotel. Mom stuck to her "Keep it Simple Stitching" to really let the piecing and panels stand out.

And because it is Betty's birthday, we decided to take her on a trip down memory lane. The picture below is of Betty (in the curlers and red handkerchief) and my Grandma getting ready to baste a quilt. Betty's husband Mert is in the background. (And Mom, is that Dad leaning on the car?) Apparently Betty was helping with the quilt while her hair set in preparation for a choir concert that evening. Speaking of choirs, Good Luck to her Grandsons Z and T on their concert fundraiser this evening! Happy Birthday, Betty!


Anonymous said...

We all got to share this post with

Betty this evening. She recognized the quilt on the ground
too. Mert and Betty both said
it is still in their closet today.
Yes, Karen, that is your Dad leaning on the car. Thanks for the post Karen. Mom

Anonymous said...

This picture was taken in 1974.
I saw Brian's arm on the left side of the picture. We were just
returning from being stationed in Spain for 2 years. Ione

Love Joy Piece said...

Happy Birthday, Betty!