Saturday, November 15, 2008

Quilt 103 - Daniel's Tractor Quilt

2004, 45" X 60"

At a West Sound quilt guild meeting one of our members told the story about an orphanage in Mongolia she had heard about. She had wanted to make a couple of quilts to send there. The director of the orphanage had said that if 1 quilt came then 28 would need to come so each child would get a quilt. Our guild member took on the project, making a folder with a picture and story about each child. She brought the folder to the guild and asked for help. We could look through the book and take the page about the child we would make a quilt for. I started looking through the book wondering how I would choose. Then I turned another page and there was Daniel. With a brother of the same name, it was easy to say I knew which child to make a quilt for.

The story said that Daniel liked tractors and yellow, so that is where I started with this quilt. The quilts were hand delivered to the orphanage. We were able to see pictures of each child with their quilt, including a picture of Daniel putting the quilt on his bed. What a nice feeling! It reminds me of a story my sister, Julia, once wrote titled "Quilts Provide Total Protection, Research Proves", the last line "We won't stop making quilts until everyone in the world is protected."

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